Bird Feeder Webcam

Our backyard is adjacent to a forest with a nice variety of wild birds. The boys and I decided to put up a new bird feeder this year, and we thought it would be neat to try and capture some patrons with a webcam.

We started out by building a bird feeder out of some scrap plywood that we had in the garage. Just a basic box with a sloped roof, and a piece of acrylic for the front. I figured I wanted to build it as large as I could to avoid having to refill it every other day.

We stained it with some left over deck stain. We built a matching house to hold a generic security camera that we ordered from ebay.

We spent some time making a new hanger that would swing out from the railing of our 2nd level deck, and hold the whole contraption securely.

A small square steel tube connects the two boxes together at an ideal viewing angle. One bonus is that the birds seem to like to perch on the tube which is in line with the camera.

Here is a closer look at the ip-camera 'house':

The security camera has settings that allow you to sense motion and email or ftp images. This feature is good for capturing bird images, however, after a day, I had to turn it off because I was getting too many emails.

Live stream webcam page to follow...


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