3dRobotics DIY Y6 Multicopter Unboxing

After reading about the new Pixhawk flight controller, Mission Planner software, and seeing some video footage taken by some multicopter hobbyists, I decided I'd like to get into this fascinating hobby.

I researched a number of different suppliers and settled on the 3DRobotics Y6 for the following reasons:

  • Open source software community w/ ongoing development
  • Y6 payload and motor redundancy
  • professionally run business / reputation
  • I wanted to build it so I could learn through the process vs. buy a RTF unit

The order process with 3DRobotics was totally smooth. I called the phone number to discuss a few items first, then placed an order using the 3drobotics.com website. I ordered a Tarot 2d Gimbal, but later changed my mind after I found that the 2d gimbal was considerably less money at the place I was ordering the FrSky Taranis x9d from, Rangevideo.com. At 3DRobotics, they were totally cool with that. They weren't able to match the price, but removed it from my order without any hassle since it hadn't shipped yet. They suggested I might want the gimbal adapter piece, so I did add that back to the order.

The shipping via Fedex took about 4 days to Canada. Shipping was about $45, and I did get hit with taxes and Fedex brokerage fee. Try to get everything shipped in one shipment to avoid paying the brokerage fee mulitple times.

Here is a video showing the unboxing process and the contents of the box:


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